Boom With A Bang Boomer

If You’re A Boomer, Boom With A Bang!

Retirement Redefined for the Perennial Boomer!

Ah, so many cliches we’re tired of hearing…

      • years young
      • is the new 40
      • young at heart
      • over the hill


Our demographic is universally defined as the Boomer Generation, and Boom is what we’re doing! Each one of us aging in a way that defies most of our predecessors. If you’re confident your best years are NOT behind you, you’re in the right place!

The Podcast for Boomer Women

The podcast is hosted by Agnes Knowles.  The guests and their topics are always relevant to Boomer Women.  Listen Here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Wondering who Agnes is and

what this Boom With A Bang

thing is?  Click Here.

Curious where

Sassy Savvy Successful fits into

the mix?  Click Here.

Are you ready to relinquish the 9 – 5?  Relinquish the 9 – 5… but maybe keep working?  There are many reasons why Boomers decide to keep working, whether Cerebral, Social or Financial.  If you’re interested in some of your possibilities, or looking for ideas to pursue, Click Here.

As Boomers, we’ve reached a stage where we know the benefits of philanthropy and we want to put our money and our efforts where they matter.  That said, travel is high up on our list of priorities too. Click Here to check out some great ways to combine Philanthropy and Travel.

Stories My Mother Told Me

Mum was a poet and a story-teller throughour her life – here I share both.  I hope you enjoy some of these stories and story-poems.

Do you have stories your mother told you? Message me – maybe we can tell those stories too.

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