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Alexa Nazzaro on Writing and Publishing Your Book

Serendipity brought Alexa Nazarro from her copywriting career to her business of Author Services – editing, publishing and marketing our writing. 

How do you write a good book?  Alexa gives us some great tips!

Is an editor a good idea? There are several types of editors, I didn’t know that!

Interested in writing fiction? Beware the “information dump”!

How about an agent?  Indie vs traditional publishing is part of the answer and Alexa gives us great insights into the two different types of publishers.  And then there’s self-publishing… and hybrid publishing…

Alexa explains “Vanity Press” and how an author might get scammed.  Also, contracts, we’re authors, not lawyers.

So much great advice and so many insights into the world of writing , publishing and marketing your book.

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About the guest: Alexa Nazzaro

Alexa Nazzaro is the founder of Aaxel Author Services, an agency providing authors with turnkey support in editing, book design and book marketing. Alexa has worked with over 100 authors in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, and has experience in all genres, including non-fiction, memoir, fiction, children’s books, coloring books and journals.

A graduate from Concordia University in Creative Writing, Alexa is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and the Writers’ Union of Canada. She has contributed articles to the ALLi blog and to Write! Magazine.

In addition to her author services agency, Alexa is also founder of Two Pigeons Press, a hybrid publishing house that is releasing its upcoming middle grade book, The Whole World Opened Up, in April 2023.

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