Carrie Pierce

Carrie Pierce on Writing Children's Stories

“If you’re not okay at this moment in time, then it’s not the end.”  Great philosophy from Carrie Pierce as we meandered our way through this age to writing children’s literature.

Carrie’s children’s books may surprise you, but she explains her why and it all makes so much sense.  She talks about leaving some of the magic to the reader, whether the reader is a child of ten or a grandparent from an older generation.

Magic is a theme for Carrie – not the abracadabra type, but more the wonder and the whimsy in a child’s mind.

Her description of her method is well worth noting if you have any thoughts of creating stories for children… whether only your grandchildren or for every eight-year-old in the country.

And then… how to write a book for children!!!

Perhaps it’s family history for family eyes only… and then, in the telling, you realize it may have commercial interest.

Finally, some tips on publishing, and marketing. With a thoughtful finish.

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About the guest: Carrie Pierce

Carrie E. Pierce has written professionally for over twenty years, building a solid international reputation. During that time, Carrie discovered there was a real need for wholesome, quality children’s literature that could also be enjoyed by parents and grandparents as they read aloud. She understood the concern parents and grandparents felt as they struggled to find children’s stories they could trust and feel good about sharing with the young ones in their lives. Because of that realization, Carrie understands how important it is to keep storytime safe.
Eager to fill this niche, she began prayerfully crafting quality stories from the heart that contain important life lessons; written in a style that doesn’t talk ‘down’ to children.  
Carrie’s stories always contain age-appropriate themes – free of agendas and teach wholesome, important life lessons.  
Having experienced heartbreak and tragedy firsthand and seeing many of her dreams come true, Carrie speaks with a rich insight into the human heart and an honest voice holding nothing back.

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