Deb Curtis on Equity in the Workplace & in Business Acquisition

Gender discrimination is part of the discussion today.  Many of we Boomers might recognize the theme of Deb Curtis’ stories… only hers are from the 1990s and later, not the 1960s or 70s!

Deb took all she learned over her 30-year career however, and built a small business supporting other women looking to acquire a small business, especially women of diverse groups.  The wisdom of women-owned business can be found in many developing nations – why not the US? 

Deb has some great insights into the issue… I got to thinking she could be a policy advisor to whoever write the rules!  And she explains the process of small business acquisition loans.

If you’re a Boomer who’s thinking of retiring from your small business, Deb discusses that at some length too… think “succession plan”.  Or… perhaps you’re a Boomer looking to buy a business for that ‘next chapter’!

Deb closes with a dream for the future where equity and diversity and inclusion are facts of life.

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About the guest: Deb Curtis

Deb Curtis is a beacon of resilience and unity in diversity. Abandoned as a child and overcoming personal and professional adversities, she transformed her hardships into empowerment.

After excelling in a male-dominated corporate world, she founded her own business in 2018.

Her mission is to champion diversity and inclusion in business ownership, helping individuals from diverse backgrounds navigate success.

A proud mother and grandmother, Deb’s life is a testament to the belief that with God, grit, and grace, anything is possible. Her journey is an inspiration to all who dare to challenge the status quo.

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