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Gregory Anne Cox - Rebellious Wellness Over 50

Rebellious Aging – there are lots of ‘risks’ that come with aging… but Gregory Anne Cox says you still have “choice”.  She calls her top tips the Power of Six:  Sleep, Fat, Protein, Blood sugar, Mindset, Exercise.  Sound hard? Try it anyways, you might surprise yourself.

Greg suggests that everything is “food”.  That includes the thoughts we think, what we allow into our energy field – our inner conversation can be harder to control than the outer conversation.

Gratitude. By this age, we’ve come through some hard times.  Key phrase: “come through” – we’re still here.  So we can get through the next setback too.  Spend your energy on appreciating how far we’ve come.

Greg shares interesting thoughts abouts genetic testing.

Interesting statistic: 90% of lifestyle diseases depends on us, our behaviours, our diet. So get educated.

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About the guest: Gregory Anne Cox

Greg’s childhood dream of becoming a doctor never had a chance but that didn’t stop her from finding a way to help people heal.

She’s certified as a life coach and weight loss coach with a certificate in nutrition and has invested countless hours and dollars in learning about all aspects of women’s health from hormones to thyroid health, genetics and alternative options for healthy aging.

Greg is both serious about this work and funny about getting older and being this rebellious being that she is.

Ask her anything and she’ll likely have a good answer.

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Greg’s Podcast:  Rebellious Wellnedss Over 50 Podcast

Greg’s Book: Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans

Greg talked about My Happy Genes 

Greg referenced Dr. Peter Attia



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