These guests were really interesting to chat with.  They all left me with food for thought.  I hope they do the same for you.

Click any name and you’ll be taken to the episode.

Kate Heartsong:

Interconnectedness in These Times of Change

Wendy Battles:

Cybersecurity Awareness

Wendy Green:

Family and Friend Estrangement

Sandy Kaye:

Interviews Our Favourite Musicians From the 60s, 70s, 80s

Rob Schwartz:

The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively & Joyfully

Swami Nityananda:

Living in Joy and Freedom

Alison Smith:

Nature as a Metaphor For Life

Amy Ewbank:

ReStory Your Brain

Thecia Ellis:

Modern-Day Homesteading Grandma

Barbara Mojica:

The Importance of History in Creating Critical Thinkers

Hilary Truong:

The Mother/Daughter Relationship

Andy Wang:

Dealing With Stage Fright

Gila Melamed:

Discovering Self Via a Nomadic Life

Michael Kay:

Understanding Men’s Post-Career Transitions

John Lawyer:

Combat Zones to Sprituality

Dave Albin:

Firewalking = Empowerment

Heather Whelpley:

Break Free of The Rules

Tina Davidson:

Secrets and Creativity

Gregory Anne Cox:

Rebellious Wellness Over 50

Angie Hyche:

Decluttering, Simplifying and Organizing Your Stuff

Tamara Zoner:

Practicing Happiness

Paula Conroy:

Connect More Deeply to Your Authentic Essence

Sherrilynne Starkie:

Interviews 50 Women Over 50

Peter Anthony:

His Troubled Teen Finds Her Way

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