Haden Starbuck - Creatrix: Embrace Your Creativity

This episode almost didn’t happen because Haden and I laughed so much right from the get-go.

Creativity is your ‘soul voice’ – you being you – is Haden’s definition of creativity.

Phrases like “nurture the magic” “living in flow” “perspective shifts” work in Haden’s view of the world. Other terms like comfort zone and perfectionism and inner critics are concepts Haden has great ideas for dealing with. And together we give you great visualizations when the inner critic starts nagging you.

Haden has such poetic moments that you need to listen through! 

Agnes’ summation: The most important take-away is to listen to the universe and to thine own self be true.

Ripple out.

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About the guest: Haden Starbuck

After 20+ years embracing a nomadic artist life Haden Starbuck has decided to stay put. In the spirit of creativity she took stock of her resources and came up with a plan to suit her desired lifestyle. She has opened her home and land up to puppies in need of a pack to hang out with while their humans work/vacation/get stuff done. Lessons learned from being pack leader of a rotating group have allowed her a deeper understanding of what makes a community, builds bonds, helps each individual to find their happy place and the importance of our energetic connections. No doubt some creative projects will come from her new pursuits (books, cards, etc). Stay tuned. The best way to find her and see fun pics of her sweet tribe is on her FaceBook page.
Haden on FaceBook
Haden’s podcast: The Curious Creatrix

Haden mentioned the TED Talk: Embrace The Shake


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