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Jamie Bowman - International Lawyer and Storyteller

As an American female lawyer in faraway lands, Jamie Bowman has had her share of adventures… and close calls.  In this episode she shares some of those adventures – just enough to leave you wanting more.  Oh! You can do that by buying her book “Bike Riding in Kabul”!

Jamie’s life hasn’t all been work, though – she tells us about her expedition to El Camino De Santiago in Spain… a spiritual journey, no matter who you are or what your beliefs and about walking the Coast to Coast in England.

And if you ever wondered how to have a relationship with another international worker… Jamie describes it as “ping-ponging”.

Back to the book… while Jamie recounts her stories, each story will leave you with a lesson learned…

Oh, and yes, we blow the female horn!

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About the guest: Jamie Bowman

Ms. Jamie Bowman is a California native and licensed attorney who works in developing countries to improve financial policies and laws. To date she has work in over 25 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, including Afghanistan and Iraq. She is happiest when taking on long hiking challenges such as England’s Coast-to-Coast and the El Camino in Spain. She currently resides in Washington, D.C.

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