Juliana Dever on Why We All Need To Travel

Juliana Dever’s enthusiasm for travel is so contagious in this episode.  It’s impossible to disagree with her reasoning on why we should travel.  Whether experiencing something new (or better than?) your status quo; or how novelty unleashes a creativity you’ve never acknowledged before; or finding a person or a thing that startles your sense of what is.  And guess what, Listeners!  In Juliana’s experience, women are the more adventurous of the sexes… and older women at that!!

You’ll appreciate the insight that travel is about connecting with the place or the people… not necessarily being an adrenalin junkie.

As you listen, you’ll realize Juliana tours you to places you’d never find by yourself.  And the women on those tours are women this host wants to travel with!!  That said, she also has great suggestions about traveling safely and comfortably, even alone.

You’ll learn.  And you’ll laugh!!! As well as a travel pro, Juliana is a delightful story-teller!

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About the guest: Juliana Dever

According to science, Juliana Dever has some sort of “exploration” gene. Embracing this compulsion, she spends a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. 

She landed at Trans World Airlines when she was young. She’d never even been on an airplane before. Something magical happened. Remember the moment when Dorothy opened her front door into Oz and everything was in Technicolor? The world seemed like something she could actually explore.

She wants everyone to feel like this. To travel to places unknown to you. To see a world filled with beauty, wonder, and adventure. To meet and learn about other cultures on a deeper level. To hear joyous greetings at your arrival and maybe get giant lollipops.

When she got her wings she started seeing all the things – amazing things! Like Madrid and black sand beaches and Chicago. She was unstoppable.

That’s what happens with travel, it expands your mind, and connects you to the whole of humanity. 

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