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Lisa Sakai - Bucket List Accelerator

Money.  You’ll hear different financial advisors from time to time on this podcast because many of us are a generation for whom A. it was a taboo subject and B. our husbands made the decisions around money… even though they might have been none the wiser.

Lisa Sakai is The Bucket List Accelerator.  How do you know what to put on that bucket list if you don’t Live! Now.  Don’t be defined by a career or a job title.  Have you thought “to the details”?

So much practical advice from Lisa in this episode.  Too often we think of retirement through other people or other company’s eyes… Make retirement about you, your interests, your personality.

AND… so important, make sure your financial advisor connects with you on many levels.

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About the guest: Lisa Sakai

After trying careers in Hollywood, education, and then insurance, Lisa Sakai found her calling: providing financial advice and planning for female professionals and their families. Virtually, she focuses on Bucket List Planning and guiding her clients to leverage their dollars to love the lifestyle they love now.

With the heart of a servant and the mind of a teacher, Lisa is always available to help you when you need her most, but especially when you think you don’t need her.

She has a unique ability to take complicated concepts, terms and ideas and present them in a way that is easy to understand.

Lisa was past president of the Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce. An avid theater goer, Lisa also enjoys trail running, cooking, reading, traveling, food, kickboxing, and spin classes. She’s also reteaching herself how to play the piano.

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