Melinda Satterlee - Financial Planner / Investment Advisor

“Women don’t need more products to buy, they want to learn about managing their finances from opening the right kind of accounts to learning how to invest their money.”

Financial Advisor Melinda Satterlee compares connecting with new clients in her business as a “dating period” – you get to know each other, make sure your philosophies and methods are compatible – before you decide to go steady.

Her description of the building blocks – what your needs / wishes are depending on your age, family situation, etc. – is great food for thought.  When you’re young, you can look at saving; as we get older we might need to look more at our spending.

A lot of great information and explanations for listeners of all ages and comfort levels and experience in the financial world.

Melinda is licensed in the U.S. but much of the information is transferable to your country of origin – certainly the emphasis on finding an advisor you’re comfortable with and trust. 

Aside:  Do you know what streak running is? 

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About the guest: Melinda Satterlee

Melinda believes when women elevate their money mindset, they elevate their well-being.  Melinda’s entrepreneurial journey began in her mid-fifties, sparked by conversations with her friends who felt judged and ignored when talking about their money.  Melinda found her purpose for her next phase of life.  Blending her non-judgemental approach with curious discovery and sound advice, Melinda gives women a safe environment to be heard and empowered to take charge of their finances. Melinda is the founder of Marathon Wealth Management, LLC a boutique financial advising firm specializing in helping women prepare for their next phase of life.  Melinda named her firm after her love of running.  Running provides Melinda balance, direction, and a feeling of accomplishment and she desires these same elements for her clients.  
Melinda is on a mission to elevate women’s money mindset creating a world of smart women and smart money!

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