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I’m not going to pretend to know a lot about electric cars – however they definitely qualify to be in the “Now” category.

Leaded to Unleaded

Do you remember the big switch from leaded gas to unleaded – we thought that was revolutionary and a big answer to the emissions issue.  I remember driving a little Ford Cortina in the days when a vehicle had to go through a “testing station” each year.  I always had the jitters in the days leading up to my appointment.  I believe some communities still have “Air Care” testing for vehicles.

Hybrid and Electric

As I write this I’m on the Car and Driver website, looking at “The Best and the Rest” hybrid and electric they have listed.  26 vehicles ranging in price from $21,500 (the Toyota Prius C gets 1 star!) to $59, 300 (the Honda Clarity, for all its price tag, only rates 3.5 stars).  As an aside, the Jaguar model has nether a price tag nor ratings…

The only 5-star car is the Chevy Bolt EV at $37, 500, with the Chevy Volt ($34,000) and the VW e-Golf ($31,300) right behind at 4.5 stars.

Two names that I always associated with electric are Tesla and the SmartCar.  The Smart Fortwo ($24,500) gets a mid-range 3 stars and the Tesla Model 3 ($36,000) doesn’t have a rating yet.

About Tesla

I’ve always been interested in Tesla, primarily because I think Elon Musk, love him or hate him, is an amazingly dynamic person with the unusual traits of futuristic thinking and moonshot goal-setting.  Tesla is definitely synonymous with electric cars.  The same Car and Driver website has an entire page dedicated to Tesla.  The Model S and the Model X each get 4 stars, as long as you can afford the price tags of $69,200 and $80,700 respectively.

**There’s no reason I chose that particular website except it came up high in my Google search after the ads.

What Do You Drive?

What do you drive?  Is electric on your wishlist?  Are you still skeptical?  Do you subscribe to the theory that electric cars have no guts?

My daily driver most of the year is a Honda mini-van – a decent workhorse and old enough now I don’t worry what the dogs track in.  In the summer I also gadabout in a ’66 Chev Corvair –  it runs just fine on unleaded and my ‘Vair cohorts have to undergo Air Care testing, say they pass with flying colours!

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