Peter Anthony: His Troubled Teen Finds Her Way

The podcast starts its fourth season with the father of a struggling teenage daughter.  If you’ve been a parent to a teenager – or maybe you now have teenage grandchildren – the issues might resonate.

Peter did realize that he couldn’t “fix” his daughter’s problems, and he is quite candid that this story is as much about his growth as Belle’s.  He learned to be a listener and a support as Belle worked to find her path.

Peter and Belle’s story may not be unique, it is definitely heartfelt.  Spoiler alert: they find many positives as time goes on.

This episode might be a little unusual as Peter requests and is truly open to suggestions and assistance as Belle (and her silent partner, Peter) develop the endeavour that has grown out of their mutual growth.

The story of a special father and a very remarkable young woman.

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About the guest: Peter Anthony

When Peter’s teenage daughter Belle landed on his doorstep five years ago, she was a broken young woman physically, emotionally, and mentally. Peter was committed to helping her, but he had no idea how. They tried, argued and tried again and argued again – for the rest of the year. Then one night in the kitchen he said, “just remember your enough – strong enough, beautiful enough and smart enough to deal with life.” She said, “I’m a nuff?” And “you’re a nuff” became a mantra that changed her life and now thousands of others who embrace the idea, as the conversation became a movement. If you struggle with self-esteem, or you know someone that does, this conversation will help you understand the issue from a fresh perspective. And learn what does work (and what doesn’t work) on the journey to self-esteem by remembering you are a “nuff”. 

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