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Welcome to The Boomer Woman's Podcast

2023 is the 4th Season of The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, formerly the Two Boomer Women Podcast.

Each episode is a conversation between me – I’m Agnes Knowles, your host – and a guest who talks to a subject that, someway, somehow, is relatable to Boomer Women.  The guests can be any age, any gender, as long as their message is positive, informative, pertinent to our demographic.

You, dear listener, might need to be open-minded, curious, tolerant, inclusive… and if you are, you will enjoy these conversations, maybe learn something, and I encourage you to share each and any episode!

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Carine Camara - Acupuncture and Aging Gracefully

Guest: 26 January 2023

Carine is a practitioner of eastern medicine and explains acupuncture and has interesting ideas on the use of nature and its healing abilities. 

Interestingly, she pulls in politics and it all makes sense. Are we more global than we ever thought?

Carine talks about accepting and loving her aging – she did dread it when she was younger but shares how she grew into it.

Interested in learning about rejuvenation acupuncture?

How about styles for older women?

Carina is like one-stop shopping for us mid-age women!!


Andrew Wang on Dealing With Stage Fright

Guest: 19 January 2023

Today’s episode starts off the an unexpected lesson in pronunciation and anglicization of names.

But the real story:  Andrew Wang has a career rather unrelated to music.  He decided to learn guitar, however, and found himself experiencing serious stage fright when he played in front of people.  Ring a bell with you?  Start a new project as an adult only to realize doing it in front of people was nerve-wracking.

Andy chose a genre of music that was relatively popular but with very few musicians playing it live.  The invitations to play started to come in.  It’s hard to say No to a cousin’s wedding.

When you keep saying Yes… where can that lead you?

Andy shares several stories about saying Yes, and has a great philosophy about sharing our gifts.  AND he ties it back to retirement.

Stay tuned to the end when I ask Andy a question from out of left field!

A wonderful conversation with a delightful person.

Judy Wilkins-Smith on Decoding Your Emotional DNA

Guest: 12 January 2023

We are aware of DNA as it pertains to our physical traits, but how about emotional DNA?

The physical may be inarguable, but what if you challenged your emotional place in the world and decided to change it?

Food.  Money.  Relationships. Huge triggers of negative emotions or experiences.  Judy explains that Genealogy 1.0 is “Here’s where you belong” and Genealogy 2.0 is  “Here’s what happened, and how it matters to where you belong”.  Most of your “inflated” feelings are results of your emotional dna.

Judy also shares an interesting exercise she does with clients… you might want to try it yourself.

If you’re a newcomer to emotional DNA, Judy has written a book that explains and assists you!

Peter Anthony - His Troubled Teen Finds Her Way

 Guest: 05 January 2023

The podcast starts its fourth season with the father of a struggling teenage daughter.  If you’ve been a parent to a teenager – or maybe you now have teenage grandchildren – the issues might resonate.  Peter did realize that he couldn’t “fix” his daughter’s problems, and he is quite candid that this story is as much about his growth as Belle’s.  He learned to be a listener and a support as Belle worked to find her path.

Peter and Belle’s story may not be unique, it is definitely heartfelt.  Spoiler alert: they find many positives as time goes on.

This episode might be a little unusual as Peter requests and is truly open to suggestions and assistance as Belle (and her silent partner, Peter) develop the endeavour that has grown out of their mutual growth.

The story of a special father and a very remarkable young woman.