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2024 is the 5th Season of The Boomer Woman’s Podcast.

Each episode is a conversation between me – I’m Agnes Knowles, your host – and a guest who talks to a subject that relates to Boomer Women.  The guests can be any age, any gender, as long as their message is positive, informative, pertinent to our demographic.

When we were young many of us fell into step with societal or parental expectations and put our own dreams on the back burner. Now, this is our time.

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The Boomer Woman's Podcast

Remembering a Strong Mother as His Own Life Unfolded with Robert Norris

Guest: 18 July 2024

Robert Norris – Bob – comes from pretty strong genetic stock – large extended family who’s Depression-era experiences are reminiscent of “The Grapes of Wrath”.  His mother was a force before women had many rights at all: proving herself as an athlete, standing her ground as a divorced woman, getting a pilot’s license, playing the organ, confronting military leadership when she felt her son was wronged, and becoming a traveler in later life. So perhaps no surprise that Bob stood his ground as a conscientious objector, traveled in the company of other bohemians, and embraced a life in a country with very little in common with America.

In this episode he talks about

  • Maintaining oral traditions in our digital time
  • The amazing woman who was his mom
  • “Pentimento” memories
  • Simpler times when little things were big deals
  • Being a conscientious objector
  • His travels with “European hippies”
  • Finding a place in Japan

We end the episode exchanging stories about exchange students.

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The Boomer Woman's Podcast

Living Your Gender Truth with Karen Anne Coccioli

Guest: 11 July 2024

Karen Anne Coccioli had a traumatic childhood that left her broken for years.  For a lot of years, many things didn’t get better. But, she played by “their” rules and, inside, never gave up. She always managed to see a light of hope no matter how dim at times until finally, she was free to be herself.

Today, she discusses:

  • When she knew she was gay and when she finally lived that
  • Why non-hetero people are still being stigmatized… or being stigmatized again
  • The anger and fear about people who don’t fit traditional socio-political-theological expectations
  • What she says to young people who don’t know how to “come out”
  • What she says to older people who can’t get their head around a child or grandchild “coming out”
  • and… encouragement for any older folk who are just now realizing they aren’t living their truth

Karen shares her trauma, but her joy and optimism shine through – she is quite an inspiration.

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The Boomer Woman's Podcast

True Wealth: More Than The Money with Therese Nicklas

Guest: 04 July 2024

Therese Nicklas is a Financial Planner, a Certified Money Coach and she describes “True Wealth” as, money, yes, but also what money can’t buy – purpose, passion, unlimited possibilities.

In this episode, Terri explains:

  • The two events that focused her mission to make sure women were financially literate
  • Why money such an emotional topic
  • Why it remains a taboo subject
  • Living life by design, not default
  • Money mindset: when does it hinder, when is it healthy
  • 3 things we can do today to help break a bad money habit
  • The 3 Cs of financial freedom

Stay tuned to the end as Terri offers listeners a free financial freedom toolkit.

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Adam Zuckerman

Estate Organization and End-of-Life Tasks with Adam Zuckerman

Guest: 27 June 2024

Adam Zuckerman is the Founder of Buried in Work, a leading eCommerce platform specializing in estate planning/organization, end-of-life tasks, and estate transitions. That service is just a small part of his CV – but the important part he talks about today.

  • How organizing his dad’s estate and making sure everything was set up properly for his mom set him on this path
  • The disadvantage of leaving accounts (utilities, etc) in a deceased’s name
  • Which documents are absolutely necessary and which documents are good ideas, and where to store them
  • Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney
  • Financial plans/documents
  • Who could be your executor
  • What happens if you die without a will

While a serious subject, Adam is a lot of fun and keeps it light.

Listen in!

Deb Dutcher

Boomer Women and Online Dating with Deb Dutcher

Guest: 20 June 2024

Deb Dutcher is a Boomer Online Dating Coach.  She learned the hard way, but now that she’s mastered how to navigate the sometimes-murky waters of online dating, she shares:

  • How to handle your reluctance to join a site
  • How someone who has not dated for decades prepares themselves to date
  • The five biggest mistakes Boomer gals make with their online profiles
  • How to get past the “Youth Sells” culture we live in
  • Manifesting that which you want to have
  • Divorced men or widowers?
  • Intimacy and sex post-60
  • Kissing on the first date – yay? or nay?

Whether you’re thinking about it or nervous about it, Deb shares a lot of tips to help you.

Listen in!


Interconnectedness in These Times of Change with Kate Heartsong

Guest: 13 June 24

Kate Heartsong is the author of “Humanity’s Cry for Change”, written to help you create a happier life, to gain hope, to realize you can make positive changes for yourself and humanity.

Today Kate discusses:

  • Interconnectedness and our innate energy
  • Our emotions and how to take the steps from the darker ones to the higher vibration ones
  • Emotions as energy with some discussion of anger
  • Self-care and raising self-esteem
  • The Age of Aquarius

Kate exudes optimism and the power of positive thinking… and calm.

Listen in!


Why Las Vegas is a Great Retirement Town with Tina Dixon-Smith

Guest: 06 June 24

Tina Dixon-Smith has lived in a number of US cities and chooses to call Las Vegas home, promoting Nevada in general and Las Vegas in particular. She has a number of convincing reasons why it makes sense! Today she discusses:

  • The allure of Las Vegas for her
  • Non-nationals buying in Las Vegas
  • Income and property taxes and insurance costs
  • The 10-year visa available to non-nationals
  • Things to do, places to see
  • Purchase options with some ball-park numbers

Stay tuned to hear about Fil-A-Seat and… if you have grandchildren, how close Disneyland is!

Listen in!


Discovering Self Via a Nomadic Life with Gila Melamed

Guest: 30 May 2024

Gila Melamed is my first real follow-up conversation.  We chatted last Summer about a road trip she was taking in a camperized car – her carpartment – and I knew at that time she was returning home to “up-size” – to a mini van.

Now, many months into Phase 2, Gila tells us about:

  • her journey of self-discovery and healing. (Gila’s explanation makes so much sense and is, perhaps, food for thought for many of us.)
  • as with other nomads, there were clues from childhood that this lifestyle would be what fed her soul
  • the process of converting a mini-van to permanent accommodation
  • tips about listening to your gut, with a discussion about fear
  • learning from other like-minded, more experienced women
  • her growth in so many facets of her life

Gila is so candid about every facet of her journey, both physical and spiritual… and how that journey helps her to be the person she wants to be and raises her up to be the person she is.

Listen in!

Len Bruskiewitz

Exiting Your Small Business with Len Bruskiewitz

Guest: 23 May 2024

Len Bruskiewitz was born into a business environment so it comes as no surprise he followed that path.  His early career was with some pretty notable companies and then he focused on exit planning for owners of small businesses.

In this episode he discusses:

  • Why exit strategy isn’t part of all the other plans that go into business planning
  • Options for who might buy
  • Why only 20-25% of small businesses that go up for sale actually sell
  • What business owners need to do to help make sure a sale happens
  • Where good will comes into the equation
  • Communication within families
  • Who is part of the legalities in exit planning
  • And the pitfalls of exit planning

Such clear information from an advisor who has seen a lot.

Listen in.

Kim Rahir

Shatter Age Barriers with Ande Lyons

Guest: 16 May 2024

Ande Lyons has a podcast called “Don’t Be Caged by Your Age”. She has an expression “Pastures are for horses, not humans.”  Needless to say, the conversation revolves around age-ism, in many of its shapes and sizes.

Ande discusses:

  • age-ism: corporate, social and internalized
  • “retirement” and other aging fallacies
  • how pro-aging could save societies billions of dollars
  • yes, older folk can learn tech
  • “pulling threads” and “patchwork quilt”

So many great thoughts in this conversation today.  So much laughter.

Listen in.

Kim Rahir

Dealing With and Managing Chronic Pain with DK Ciccone

Guest: 09 May 2024

DK Ciccone experienced a back injury at age 13. Several possible causes are hindsight, of course, but help fuel her passion for helping others understand pain, emphasizing the critical connections between the physical, mental, and emotional realms.

In this episode, DK explains:

  • Bio/psycho/social model of pain
  • How diet culture might make us more susceptible to pain
  • The difference between the mental and the emotional with pain
  • Stress Resilience

DK uses Pilates in a weight neutral environment to help her clients get strong and active again, she shares how and why that works.

Listen in!

Eve Hall

Sexual Health with Eve Hall

Guest: 02 May 2024

Eve Hall is a Licensed Physical Therapist who treats conditions regarding Sexual Health. She is also a Certified Health Coach who is on a mission to destigmatize conversations about sex and sexual health!

In this episode, Eve discusses health conditions such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain
  • Incontinence
  • Boredom

And other subjects:

  • Big Clit energy
  • Toys
  • Orgasm Equality

So much good info for sexual beings of any age, but especially for those of us in mid-age.

Listen in!

Laura Mangum Broome

Flourishing After Adversity with Laura Mangum Broome

Guest: 25 April 2024

Laura Broome personifies resilience and positivity.  When life gives you lemons… well, Laura could open a lemonade shop.  Laura’s had a series of challenges over her life that might have done another person in.

In this episode, she discusses

  • Resilience
  • “radical acceptance”
  • The three things in your control (your words, your thoughts, your actions)
  • How adversity can happen to you but it doesn’t need to define you
  • How stepping out of your comfort zone can help you find options
  • Our superpowers : skills, talents, passions

In a nutshell, Laura Broome has learned how to turn pain into purpose.

Listen in!

Kim Rahir

Build Muscle and Eat Intentionally with Kim Rahir

Guest: 18 April 2024

Kim Rahir is a former journalist with a doctorate in Political Science.  Like many of us, she made a career change in mid-life to a passion career and now promotes… I love this… intentional eating for us mid-life women, as well as building AND maintaining muscle as we get older to delay, possibly even avoid many of the health issues too many people think are inevitable…

I said Passion and you’ll get the picture when I tell you Kim started weight training and last year won a European Masters Weightlifting Championship… at age 60. Are you impressed? Well, how about if I tell you that in 2013 Kim was diagnosed with MS -Multiple Sclerosis.

In this episode, Kim explains

  • how her diagnosis came to be
  • what intentional eating actually is
  • what muscle building looks like for women
  • what “retrain your brain to reconnect with your muscles” means
  • AND… don’t let one poor choice become a character trait!

Bonus: a definition of resilience

Listen in!

Jenell Jones

Solo RV Travel with Jenell Jones

Guest: 11 April 2024

Have you ever contemplated getting into a vehicle and seeing where the road led?  A camperized van, maybe a beautiful RV could be your new home?  Perhaps you’re flying solo however, and the concept of being out there on your own deflates the dream.

Jenell Jones is the solution.  Her Wandering Individuals Network is the RV club for anyone traveling on their own. They are a diverse group who drive everything from big class A motorhomes to car campers.

In this episode, Jenell explains

  • her past, which made the lifestyle a fairly easy decision for her
  • what makes her RV as much a home as your house
  • the club’s route planning and destination decisions
  • some of her adventures
  • why mid-age women should consider the lifestyle

Jenell hosts a webinar on April 13th to explain more and answer your questions – email freervwebinar@gmail.com to register.

Listen in!

Wendy Battles

Cybersecurity Awareness with Wendy Battles

Guest: 04 April 2024

Wendy Battles is on the cybersecurity team at Yale University so she trains and explains to the security aware and the security uninitiated.

In this episode, Wendy discusses:

  • Passwords and password managers
  • Phishing emails
  • Scam phone calls
  • How to check for data breaches that might have included your personal information
  • Imitation websites

Her Bee Cyber Fit Podcast discusses more of what we discussed today, the link is in the show notes.

Stay tuned to the end when Wendy tells us about her alter ego at Reinvention Rebels.

Listen in!

Doreen Cumberford

The Expat Life with Doreen Cumberford

Guest: 28 March 2024

Doreen Cumberford has lived and worked across cultures in 8 countries as a junior diplomat, a corporate climber, an entrepreneur and an accompanying spouse over the last four decades.

Doreen discusses:

  • How our past might influence our ability to wander
  • The three facets of “intercultural interactions”
  • Expats and repats
  • Some common challenges expats face
  • Factors to consider when considering a location
  • The reality of our advancing years

Doreen is definitely the voice of experience.

Listen in!

Ellen O'Hara

Trusts and Other Financial Decisions with Greg Kurinec

Guest: 21 March 2024

Greg Kurinec talks to us about “retirement” planning… and what we do with our money as we tackle/plan for this next chapter (and what might happen to that money when we depart this world).

Greg discusses:

  • trusts and their efficacy
  • considerations for dealing with the tax-person
  • social security
  • questions to consider when planning

While Greg’s info is American, he gives so much food for thought when having the discussion with our own financial planner in our own country.

Listen in!

Ellen O'Hara

Age-, Trauma-, Newbie-Informed Yoga with Ellen O'Hara

Guest: 14 March 2024

After my first few (only) highly disappointing yoga classes I was pleased to have Ellen O’Hara address all my concerns and explain what age/joint/health sensitive yoga should look like.

Ellen discusses:

  • Yoga through her nursing lens
  • explains vinyasa yoga and trauma-informed yoga
  • how to feel comfortable in class
  • what the props are and how to use them
  • balance, self-awareness, stress reduction

Such great advice and tips for the new yoga participant, the achy yoga participant, the older yoga participant… maybe you’re all three!

Listen in!

Michael Kay

Understanding Men's Post-Career Transitions with Michael Kay

Guest: 07 March 2024

Michael Kay talks to mid-age men about the transition from work to whatever’s next.  He approached me asking if he could share how we mid-age women could support the men in our lives, how to have those non-threatening conversations.  His request was like having the tables turned when I hadn’t thought about their turnability.

Michael explains:

  • Why post-career is so difficult for men
  • Who has the most difficulty with transitions? (Great insights and he is candid, even as he is also a man.)
  • How so many facets of post 9-5 life aren’t considered, aren’t discussed well before the big day comes. (Just like we women don’t think about, don’t always know what we aren’t considering)
  • The conversations we mid-age women might have with the men in our lives when they’re considering the next chapter… and when they won’t. 

We both try to be honest about gender differences while maintaining respect for the opposite gender.  Except I do slip a few comments in…

Listen in!


Family and Friend Estrangement with Wendy Green

Guest: 29 February 2024

Wendy Green is both a Boomer podcaster and a coach to help people find their vision for the next chapter of life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Estrangement from siblings
  • Estrangement from children
  • Estrangement from friends

Interesting topics as both of us have estrangement in our lives… and there’s a good chance you might too.

I mentioned Wendy’s a Boomer podcaster too.  A bonus discussion is what an amazing experience it is for both of us; how our boomer cohort is very much still on the outside looking in… and how we want you to help us spread the word what a great companion podcasts are, whether you’re a listener or a host.  The subject matter is as varied as the hosts and all the listeners!

Listen in!

Sandy Kaye

Combat Zones to Spirituality with John Lawyer

Guest: 22 February 2024

From desert combat zones to a battle within, John Lawyer transformed from soldier to spiritual seeker. John’s military service took him to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. 

John is candid about living in war zones with his wife, his culture shock in returning to civilian life, and the VA therapist who may have saved his life.

He explains:

  • What is dharma, why is it important?
  • How do we navigate the spiritual path in the modern age?
  • What is being open to the universe about?
  • What is the Stream of Unconsciousness?
  • What’s the difference between Spirituality, Art, Science, Philosophy, Religion and Self-Help?

And finally: finding Joy, at any age.

Listen in!

Sandy Kaye

Sandy Kaye Interviews Our Favourite Musicians from the 60s, 70s, 80s

Guest: 15 February 2024

After a career in media and entertainment media, Sandy Kaye was a natural to interview all the musicians we know and love across three continents.

In this episode, Sandy has memories, anecdotes, and shares so much about so many music artists.  When I listen to her podcast (which I do now, often!) I think I don’t know that musician… oh, wait a minute, I love that song!

Today she tells us:

  • which interviews were coups for her
  • her favourites
  • who leaves her star struck
  • all the good gossip – ok, there’s none.

If you have even a shred of music enjoyment from those earlier decades, you’ll love this interview!

Listen in!

Dave Albin

Firewalking, Board Breaks and More: Dave Albin

Guest: 08 February 2024

Dave Albin’s company is Firewalk Productions. Firewalking is a 1,000 year old rite of passage ritual and he’s firewalked hundreds of thousands of people.

In this episode, he explains:

  • firewalking
  • glasswalking
  • board breaks and arrow breaks
  • why people don’t get burned
  • why it is SO empowering for participants

Dave also shares his morning ritual for health and energy.

Stay tuned for his Mom’s dating advice and “Elf on the Shelf”!

Listen in!


Estate Planning & Asset Protection with Scherrie Prince

Guest: 01 February 2024

Dying.  We’re all going to do it, that‘s a given… but what happens to your property, your heirs, your business after you take your last breath?

Scherrie answers:

  • What exactly is estate planning?
  • What are assets?
  • What are they basic legal forms everyone should have, in terms of estate planning?
  • Is planning with a small ,mom and pop business different from a large company with many employees?
  • What are considerations for couples and families in asset planning and asset protection?

Listen in!

feminine longevity

Eating Disorders in Mid-Age with Nicole Christina

Guest: 25 January 2024

Social and media pressures haunt us from our early years all the way through to our crone years.  Even we, the wise women, are not immune.

I was stunned to learn that, recently, the number of eating disorders in mid-life women has increased dramatically.

In this episode I ask Nicole:

  • Why eating disorders are increasing in mid-life women.
  • What defines an eating disorder.
  • Is there ever a time we might consider pharmaceutical help for weight management.
  • The efficacy of apps and tools (think FitBit or Apple watch).
  • Bonus topic: how we talk to our grandchildren.

and stay tuned to Nicole’s story about her Zestful Aging including hunting pythons!!

Listen in!

feminine longevity

The Wisdom of Morrie: Rob Schwartz, editor

Guest: 18 January 2024

Mitch Albom wrote the first book. Rob Schwartz lived the reality. What reality?  Morrie Schwartz… you know, Tuesdays With Morrie, was Rob’s dad.

Almost thirty years after his dad died, Rob has released a book: The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively and Joyfully – manuscripts he found in his dad’s desk years after Morrie had passed.

I ask Rob about his dad, Morrie and also about his Mom, Charlotte.  I love the warmth and pride in his voice when he speaks of them. He gets emotional at one point – it’s such emphasis that love does last forever, even if the body is gone.

Rob and I discuss Morrie’s advice for living a long and happy life, the concept of ‘tension of opposites’… and if you’re thinking those subjects sound a little esoteric, let me assure you, he is his father’s son and Rob keeps the conversation real, and in the present.

I think you’ll find the “personal question” part of this conversation really interesting!

Listen in!

feminine longevity

Live Your Third Act to Its Fullest: Carol Ebert

Guest: 11 January 2024

Sometimes when I interview health professionals, their advice sounds great but when they’re 30-40 years younger than me I can’t help but think their knowledge is based on book learning, not experience.  Carol Ebert is the exact opposite: she’s the poster woman for Boomer Women.

In this episode I ask her:

  • What is your definition of “wellness”?
  • Your speaker topic: “Too Busy For You?” – does that topic hit home for mid-life women? And what do you say to women when that topic is the basis of your presentation?
  • The important questions: If we have grandchildren at the school or college level, how do we talk to the kids about wellness – or encourage them to develop good habits – while still staying on our grandparent pedestal?
  • Where do genetics fit into the equation?

and my inevitable:  What haven’t we talked about that you want mid-age women to think about as they plan for the future?


Listen in!

feminine longevity

Break Free of The Rules: Heather Whelpley

Guest: 04 January 2024

Heather Whelpley started life as an audacious, confident, whole-life child… but as she grew through her teens into womanhood, she wore the societal rules so many of us grew up with, that many of us hold true to this day. Until one day, as she says… she woke up.

How did Heather wake up to this reality?

How did she connect to her “grounded wildness”? How do we do that?

What’s her advice for us mid-age women who want to recognize and break free from some of the “brules” we’ve been living under?

Listen in!

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