Tagline: Normal is just another word for Average.  Screw that! Be Phenomenal!


Sassy is in the best sense of the word.

Whether it’s making googly-eyes at the inquisitive face of a three year old in the grocery store line-up, or flirty-eyes at the 32-year old bartender who’s extra generous with the red wine when you sit at the bar with your galfriends, or feigning coy dismay at the cheeky advances of your 92-year-old neighbour… your sass-factor is what keeps you fun, and young, and open to adventure.

Too many of us have lost touch with Sass over the years!


Savvy refers to all the knowledge you have stored between your ears.

Believe-you-me, there is more than you realize… certainly more than you give yourself credit for.  Whether it’s the insight that tells you Christmas will be stressful if your brother’s there or the certainty that you can set up anyone’s entertainment centre, the confidence that you make the world’s best carrot cake or the sheer volume of books you’ve inhaled over the years, you have an incredible amount of savvy in your life.

I bet money you don’t have a clue just how prepared for life’s hurdles you are… if you hadn’t spent so much time obeying the brules (those bullshit rules we all grew up with)!


Successful is what you deserve to be.

Seriously.  You’ve paid your dues, you’ve played by the rules, you’re a nice person… you deserve to be successful.  There may be a truckload of reasons, or excuses, or justifications why you aren’t living your life the way you’d hoped, why you don’t have the success you thought would come your way… but park that truck at the gate!  Each of us is architect to our own vision – what’s yours?

Successful is what you’ll be if you choose what this next chapter will look like.

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