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Shannon Russell on Second Act Careers

Shannon Russell made that all-too-familiar choice to leave a job she loved to be more present for her young children. So… she changed it up from being a television producer to producing her own life.

Are you happy right now?  Age doesn’t really matter if you’ve made the decision to recreate your life in a different direction.

There are so many choices nowadays and Shannon has so many tips on recognizing what we might like, what might be a fit for us, and how to assess our enthusiasm/potential.

Have you heard of Snapology?  Sounds pretty cool, and Shannon talks about it, and the possibility of a franchise.

So many great ideas to think about as we plan what is next!

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About the guest: Shannon Russell

“The measure of a great life is whether it matches your dream” (Marie Forleo). Shannon Russell has always been a dreamer. She achieved a childhood goal that never wavered, and kept building upon her dream as she learned to pivot through the different phases of her life. Now, she uses her experience to help other women produce dreams of their own.

Shannon grew up near the New Jersey beach in a tight-knit family. Her parents taught her to work hard, live life with a smile, and follow her dreams. Her grandpa especially had a profound influence on her entrepreneurial thinking. He opened his own business in retirement, a small luncheonette at their local golf course, where he shared stories and brought joy to each customer.  Everyone adored him and returned his friendship, and Shannon always knew she wanted to run her business the way he did. As a young girl, she was also mesmerized by what she saw on TV and decided that she wanted to build a life in the entertainment industry. When her parents surprised her with a trip to California after high school graduation, she knew right away she belonged in Los Angeles.

Shannon became the first person in her family to attend college, graduating from Elon University with a Communications degree. She landed internships at CBS News and MTV, bringing her to New York City and eventually to Los Angeles, where she began growing her career as a Television Executive Producer. Shannon was leading her dream life, but as often happens, things changed after giving birth to her first child. Postpartum issues and changing priorities forced her to reevaluate what she wanted in life. Shannon decided it was time to refocus on a new career and life as a new mom. She moved back to New Jersey to be closer to her family and started looking at her next act of being a business owner like her grandpa. In 2016, she became a franchise owner with Snapology and grew her business into one of the top franchises in the country. On the heels of that success, Shannon decided to take her entrepreneurial spirit to an even greater height. She launched Second Act Success, a business designed to help women in unresolved careers pivot toward a more suitable second act so they can produce a balanced life of abundance. That mission explains why she’s known for the mantra, “Produce Your Best Life.”

Today, Shannon leverages her experience as a former TV Producer and Certified Career Coach to help women prepare and produce their best life. Having pivoted from her own unresolved career to achieve a healthy balance as a professional and a mom, she specializes in helping other professional women do the same. She is the host of the Second Act Success podcast, and creator of companion coaching programs, and online courses. She shares her expertise in connecting clients with opportunities to help them produce a balanced life of abundance.

When Shannon isn’t helping more women produce their best life, you can find her balancing her own life with her husband, two sons, and their dog. She has learned to grow a business that allows her to work from anywhere so she can travel more with her family. She wants to inspire her kids so they know they can do anything and hopes to be an inspiration for all those seeking to achieve a great life that measures up to their own unique dream.

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