Sherrilynne Starkie Interviews 50 Women Over 50ly

A slightly different format today as Sherrilynne describes her international career… and how it developed as the internet became a “thing”. 

Agnes and Sherrilynne connected because of their podcaster lives.  Sherrilynne’s podcast is a passion project… so interesting as she interviews 50 women over 50.  Some of her interviews are impactful… you may be adding her podcast to your playlist.  Between these two podcasters there is a lot of positive future forecasting.

After drawing Sherrilynne out, Agnes throws her a curve ball by asking her some of the questions she asks her guests.  Agnes knows what those questions are as she has been interviewed by Sherrilynne!

Don’t think this synopsis analyses the podcast, there are lots of side tracks!!

And you know that question Agnes always ask guests… what haven’t we talked about that you want listeners to think about… SO worth the listen!

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About the guest: Sherrilynne Starkie

Sherrilynne Starkie is an award-winning communications consultant. A problem solver and big picture thinker, she has an international reputation as a social media innovator, is a prolific blogger and podcaster.  Her goal for 50 Women Over 50 podcast is to talk with women over 50 to learn how they see the world; what lessons they’ve learned in life; what advice they have for us all.

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