Suddenly 60

Suddenly 60


Thanks for dropping over – I’m glad you’re interested in “Suddenly 60” – the planning guide for “Retirement” that (too often) doesn’t get shared.

The course consists of four modules, each with a tool that necessitates you put some thought into the tangibles of Retirement… whatever Retirement means to you.

Often we have ideas about what we might like to do, or not do, and the term “Bucket List” is in common usage now.

What exactly are YOU planning though?

Don’t be intimidated by that question! It’s not like you’re committing yourself to anything – you’re giving it your best shot though, based on what you think is a good idea today. You can change it up tomorrow if you wish, the main thing is to be giving some thought to all the different aspects of life over 60.

Life over 60 – nowadays that can be another 30-40 years or more! How about that thought!

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