The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 234

Ande Lyons

Shatter Age Barriers with Ande Lyons

Ande Lyons has a podcast called “Don’t Be Caged by Your Age”. She has an expression “Pastures are for horses, not humans.”  Needless to say, the conversation revolves around age-ism, in many of its shapes and sizes.

Ande discusses:

  • age-ism: corporate, social and internalized
  • “retirement” and other aging fallacies
  • how pro-aging could save societies billions of dollars
  • yes, older folk can learn tech
  • “pulling threads” and “patchwork quilt”

So many great thoughts in this conversation today.  So much laughter.

Listen below.


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About the guest: Ande Lyons

Ande Lyons is a 4x founder, a former global startup mentor, a serial podcast + livestream host since 2012, and currently the host of Don’t Be Caged By Your Age – an interview-style podcast helping folks thrive after 65.

Through conversations with individuals who have defied societal norms, shattered age-related expectations, and forged new and unexpected pathways that left them feeling enlivened, engaged, and visible, Ande helps listeners reimagine and repurpose their lived experiences for a vibrant life.

Visit Ande Lyons’ website and Podcast: Don’t Be Caged by Your Age
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