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Alison Smith

Barbara Schnarr Giatti with Senior Workbooks

Barb Giatti experienced dementia with both her parents while she was living internationally, so she moved back to small town, Michigan to take care of them.

Barb discusses some of the experiences with her parents – you’ll be relieved to know your parents aren’t worse than others.

Barb’s mother would never understand a computer or the internet so Barb created hard copy workbooks.  You’ll find the content really interesting… just as Barb was interested in keeping the content as varied as possible.

Don’t for a second think this conversation is just about senior workbooks… when Barb and I put our heads together there are so many other purposes for her various books, and maybe yours.

“I’m just a regular person… trying to help”  – that might sound so familiar if you are caregiver of a person with dementia.

(If you’re an aspiring author, tune in for so many tips from Barb about getting your book out there)

Quite a random conversation!  Enjoy!

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About the guest: Barbara Schnarr Giatti

Barb Schnarr Giatti is passionate about helping the elderly keep their brains active.

While caring for her own parents, a doctor told her that crossword puzzles don’t help at all and that seniors need to learn new things and get physical exercise to help keep their brains active. At the time, Barb’s dad was too far along in his dementia journey to learn anything new but she could help her mom. Barb’s mom called the entire internet eBay so there was no way she would be able to take a class online or learn a language from an app… but she could do workbooks. Moreover, Barb could write them.

Barb didn’t know anything about book layout or literary agents or anything to do with book publishing at all but she did it and keeps doing it. She knows her books aren’t perfect by publishing standards but this is a labor of love so she keeps learning and figuring things out.

She lives in northern Michigan, has an amazing daughter, a pretty cool husband and a pug called Moo Shu.

Barb uses her maiden name, Schnarr, when writing to honor her father.

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Barb mentions Leonie Dawson workbooks

Also: Society 31… Mispeak!  Barb meant Society 6, Check it out!



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