The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 216

Alison Smith

Carol Ebert: Live Your Third Act to Its Fullest

Sometimes when I interview health professionals, their advice sounds great but when they’re 30-40 years younger than me I can’t help but think their knowledge is based on book learning, not experience.  Carol Ebert is the exact opposite: she’s the poster woman for Boomer Women.

In this episode I ask her:

  • What is your definition of “wellness”?
  • Your speaker topic: “Too Busy For You?” – does that topic hit home for mid-life women? And what do you say to women when that topic is the basis of your presentation?
  • The important questions: If we have grandchildren at the school or college level, how do we talk to the kids about wellness – or encourage them to develop good habits – while still staying on our grandparent pedestal?
  • Where do genetics fit into the equation?

and my inevitable:  What haven’t we talked about that you want mid-age women to think about as they plan for the future?

Listen below.


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About the guest: Carol Ebert

Wellness Specialist and Business Entrepreneur Carol Ebert is a creative force for education and wellness.  Her career began in Nursing but her vision was more aligned with prevention than treatment, so she shifted to wellness, her true passion. 

Her professional experience is varied but always grounded in wellness.  Health Educator, College Health Director, Wellness Business Outreach Coordinator, Wellness Coach and Trainer.  Carol is the author of Too Busy for YOU?  How to Prioritize Yourself for a Balanced, Mindful and Happy Life, available on Amazon. For the past 20 years instead of retiring, she reinvented herself (again) and is the Solopreneur and CEO of her own Wellness and Coaching Business

Carol models what life can look like in Your 3rd Act – great health, takes care of her body, mind and spirit, very active, lots of energy, always learning and growing and living life to its fullest. She wants that for you too and has the knowledge and skill to move you in the right direction.

Carol’s Podcast: Too Busy For You?
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Carol mentions: a Rosarita, Mexico getaway


    1. Barbara Badolati

      What an inspirational, energizing conversation with Carol! She is a treasure chest of information and inspiration spiced with humor and practicality. What a hoot, and role model for being WELL whatever the age … especially us Boomers. I loved you both sharing your stories, from middle school shenanigans to asking the question’ “what do I still want to do”? I’m even contemplating where I’d like to go on vacation next month! (love that question!)
      Thank you Agnes for highlighting our generation and all that’s possible.

      • Agnes

        Barbara, I’m so happy you enjoyed my convo with Carol. She is amazing as well as fun!

    2. Sandy

      Love it Carol! Great info!


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