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The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 239

Deb Dutcher

Boomer Women and Online Dating with Deb Dutcher

Deb Dutcher is a Boomer Online Dating Coach.  She learned the hard way, but now that she’s mastered how to navigate the sometimes-murky waters of online dating, she shares:

  • How to handle your reluctance to join a site
  • How someone who has not dated for decades prepares themselves to date
  • The five biggest mistakes Boomer gals make with their online profiles
  • How to get past the “Youth Sells” culture we live in
  • Manifesting that which you want to have
  • Divorced men or widowers?
  • Intimacy and sex post-60
  • Kissing on the first date – yay? or nay?

Whether you’re thinking about it or nervous about it, Deb shares a lot of tips to help you.

Listen below.


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About the guest: Deb Dutcher

Deb Dutcher is a twice-divorced gal of 70+ who decided she needed to get back out there to find love and companionship.

A former VP of high-tech and a Certified Health Coach, with a best-selling book to her name, she found online dating works if you take it on with a system. She calls her system the Finding Mr. Adorable Journey and built a course called the Boomer Gal’s Guide to Winning at Online Dating.

Now she has helped hundreds use her system to become online dating rockstars! The key to her system is you have to become Savvy, Prepped, Ready and Aware before you get back out there!

Deb was named one of the Top Ten Senior Dating Experts of 2024 by She has made it her mission to help other lonely, single Boomer Gals find their Mr. Adorable. She runs a free Meetup where she hosts weekly calls, and offers her private coaching and online courses to help folks date online safely, have fun and meet their Mr. Adorable.


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