The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 225

Ellen O'Hara

Age-, Trauma-, Newbie-Informed Yoga with Ellen O'Hara

After my first few (only) highly disappointing yoga classes I was pleased to have Ellen O’Hara address all my concerns and explain what age/joint/health sensitive yoga should look like.

Ellen discusses:

  • Yoga through her nursing lens
  • explains vinyasa yoga and trauma-informed yoga
  • how to feel comfortable in class
  • what the props are and how to use them
  • balance, self-awareness, stress reduction

Such great advice and tips for the new yoga participant, the achy yoga participant, the older yoga participant… maybe you’re all three!

Listen below.


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About the guest: Ellen O'Hara

Ellen O’Hara, RN, MS is a 500 hour registered yoga instructor with additional certifications in Yoga for Athletes and Yoga for Warriors (trauma certified yoga). She has been teaching yoga for over twelve years, and fitness for over sixteen.

In addition to her yoga certifications, she holds an ACE certified personal training certificate and is a licensed RN in the state of Massachusetts. For six years she owned a fitness and yoga studio in Westwood, MA called Core Asset Fitness Training. She was a nurse practitioner prior to staying home full time to be a mom to her three sons.

Ellen enjoys bringing the practice of yoga to everyone, especially those who think they are “too inflexible”, “too out of shape”, “too old” or whatever reason has been keeping yoga at bay. It is a life changing practice, utilizing breath, postures and the movement of energy to bring a sense of peace, well-being, and strength to its participants.

Ellen’s Yoga Foundations Course  (Ellen was kind enough to make this an affiliate link)
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