The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 209

Alison Smith

Jeanne Andrus: The Gift of Menopause

My guest today had a perfectly fine life… until age 48; Jeanne Andrus then uses the verb “clobbered” to explain what perimenopause did to her. That began her 4 year journey through personal experience, research, and training to understand how and why menopause affects women so completely.

It’s hard enough that our mothers probably never talked about menopause, and perhaps we don’t have too many friends we compare stories with, but when doctors and other health practitioners don’t talk about it either, it can be super confusing, even frightening.

A strong proponent of a natural menopause, Jeanne is firm that you need to support your body as it navigates the changes that come with menopause. “The gift of menopause is that we get to take ourselves and put ourselves in the center, in the very center, of our lives”.

Jeanne also has thoughts for men and relationships.

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About the guest: Jeanne Andrus

Jeanne Andrus spent the first 48 years of her life doing everything the “right way.” You know, good grades, college, marriage, career, baby… all the things.

Then at age 48, perimenopause clobbered her. But her symptoms weren’t changing periods and hot flashes. Depression, anger, and low libido took her out of the life she’d built for herself.

Determined not to let this change destroy her, she began a 4 year journey to health, happiness, and a new purpose in life. She lost 80 pounds, moved from New England to New Orleans, and quit her corporate job to help other women struggling with menopause symptoms and changes ditch their symptoms and delight in life again.

Wanting to understand how and why menopause affects women so completely, Jeanne spends hours down the rabbit holes of the internet, chasing wisps of information about the physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of “The Change.”

She blends her own experience, the results of her research, and her training in traditional exercise and nutrition with a myriad of holistic approaches including Reiki energy healing and yogic breathwork to create a unique coaching experience she calls Menopause Mastery Coaching.

In addition to her coaching, Jeanne is the author of five international best sellers on menopause, including “I Just want to Be ME Again!” (now in its second edition) and her book aimed towards men trying to understand how menopause is affecting someone they love – “Where is My Wife and What Have You Done with Her?”

When not speaking, writing and coaching about menopause, she loves hanging out in New Orleans, listening to live music or riding in Mardi Gras parades, or traveling the US with her husband and dog.

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