The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 230

Kim Rahir

Build Muscle and Eat Intentionally with Kim Rahir

Kim Rahir is a former journalist with a doctorate in Political Science.  Like many of us, she made a career change in mid-life to a passion career and now promotes… I love this… intentional eating for us mid-life women, as well as building AND maintaining muscle as we get older to delay, possibly even avoid many of the health issues too many people think are inevitable…

I said Passion and you’ll get the picture when I tell you Kim started weight training and last year won a European Masters Weightlifting Championship… at age 60. Are you impressed? Well, how about if I tell you that in 2013 Kim was diagnosed with MS -Multiple Sclerosis.

In this episode, Kim explains

  • how her diagnosis came to be
  • what intentional eating actually is
  • what muscle building looks like for women
  • what “retrain your brain to reconnect with your muscles” means
  • AND… don’t let one poor choice become a character trait!

Bonus: a definition of resilience

Listen below.

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About the guest: Kim Rahir

Kim is a 60 year old mother of three who was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago and decided to ignore her doctor’s advice and muscle her way back to a happy life.

Last year she became European Champion in Masters Weightlifting in her age and weight category.

Her journey inspired her to leave her career in journalism in her 50s and become a health coach for middle aged women – with a big focus on reactivating and rebuilding muscle.

Today, she helps women tap into an abundant source of vitality. It works by reactivating and maintaining muscle and eating to nourish and flourish.

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    Kim Rahir


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