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The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 235

Len Bruskiewitz

Exiting Your Small Business with Len Bruskiewitz

Len Bruskiewitz was born into a business environment so it comes as no surprise he followed that path.  His early career was with some pretty notable companies and then he focused on exit planning for owners of small businesses.

In this episode he discusses:

  • Why exit strategy isn’t part of all the other plans that go into business planning
  • Options for who might buy
  • Why only 20-25% of small businesses that go up for sale actually sell
  • What business owners need to do to help make sure a sale happens
  • Where good will comes into the equation
  • Communication within families
  • Who is part of the legalities in exit planning
  • And the pitfalls of exit planning

Such clear information from an advisor who has seen a lot.

Listen below.


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About the guest: Len Bruskiewitz

Len Bruskiewitz is a Business Coach & Certified Exit Planning Advisor, which means he helps business owners generating $1-10M in revenue plan and execute a successful transition of their company to a family member, a third party, or their employees – on their timeline and terms.

Over 3 million of the 6 million companies with 1-19 employees in the US are owned by people aged 55+ and the vast majority of them do not have any kind of transition plan in place.

Working with him helps them in 2 ways – a huge reduction in stress and a significant increase in the value of their company.


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