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Alison Smith

Nan Ives on Your Ultimate Retirement Life

Retirement is in need of a reboot.  That is Nan Ives’ mantra and she is the woman to show you how to do that.  Don’t arrive at retirement thinking it will unfold.  In today’s world, you may have 30 years to go after you relinquish the 9-5.

Nan encourages you to consider options, to experiment your way forward… but do it before you get the golden handshake.  There are so many options in a variety of areas of life.

She realized she had a lot of the financial bits organized when she took her retirement, but there’s a lot more to retirement than just the money.  So, she and her partner did a lot of research into the lives and choices of pre- and post-retirees before they created the signature programs that will make sure you’re prepared in all areas of the post-9-5 world.

“It’s not one and done.”

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About the guest: Nan Ives

Nan Ives and Lisa Stornaielo co-founded The Future of You with the aim of helping people find the same sense of fulfillment and purpose as they had throughout their careers while still enjoying all the perks of being retired. They provide people with expert guidance and innovative tools to empower individuals to create a personalized vision and life plan for their future. After working for decades at Fidelity Investments and then experiencing retirement first-hand, they had an epiphany that “retirement” wasn’t just about finances; it’s also about life, and it shouldn’t mean an end but instead a new chapter – one tailored to each individual’s desires. Through listening to stories from other retirees and applying design thinking approaches combined with leadership development and career coaching skill sets, they created an effective formula that helps individuals find meaningful lives during their retirement years.

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