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Alison Smith

Rob Schwartz: The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively & Joyfully

Mitch Albom wrote the first book. Rob Schwartz lived the reality. What reality?  Morrie Schwartz… you know, Tuesdays With Morrie, was Rob’s dad.

Almost thirty years after his dad died, Rob has released a book: The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively and Joyfully – manuscripts he found in his dad’s desk years after Morrie had passed.

I ask Rob about his dad, Morrie and also about his Mom, Charlotte.  I love the warmth and pride in his voice when he speaks of them. He gets emotional at one point – it’s such emphasis that love does last forever, even if the body is gone.

Rob and I discuss Morrie’s advice for living a long and happy life, the concept of ‘tension of opposites’… and if you’re thinking those subjects sound a little esoteric, let me assure you, he is his father’s son and Rob keeps the conversation real, and in the present.

I think you’ll find the “personal question” part of this conversation really interesting!

Listen below.


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About the guest: Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz is the Son and Editor of his fathers’ new book on aging titled “The Wisdom of Morrie” (Blackstone Publishing, April 2023).

He has many years of experience as a journalist, music/film producer, and entrepreneur. Rob has founded a number of companies, both in Japan and the US, and held executive positions in others. He’s produced numerous film and music projects with international teams. His areas of expertise include the entertainment industries in Asia, the US, and Europe. His projects often have a special emphasis on music, film, online business development, developing musical artists careers. In addition, he has been reporting for Billboard magazine on Asia since 2007.

Rob is one of the producers of Onetopia, a benefit music festival slated for 2024.

About Morrie Schwartz

Morrie Schwartz (Dec 1916- Nov 1995, passed from ALS at age 78), the beloved subject of the classic, multimillion-copy number one bestseller “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom, posthumously releases a new book with his Son/Editor Rob Schwartz called “The Wisdom of Morrie” (April 2023).

In his new book, Morrie explores life questions in a profound, poetic, and poignant masterpiece of living and aging joyfully and creatively. Later life can be filled with many challenges, but it can also be one of the most beautiful and rewarding passages in anyone’s lifetime. In this new book, the author draws on his experiences as a social psychologist, teacher, father, friend, and role model to offer us a road map to navigate our futures.

He was a professor of Sociology and Social Psychology for 30+ years at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, before retiring at age 70. Morrie wrote on a variety of topics. His groundbreaking 1954 book (with Alfred Stanton), “The Mental Hospital”, made him a superstar in psychology and helped him earn a full-time professorship as his first university position. Morrie was dedicated to social justice and valuing human beings. 

Visit the website: The Wisdom of Morrie
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