The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 221

Sandy Kaye

Sandy Kaye Interviews Our Favourite Musicians from the 60s, 70s, 80s

After a career in media and entertainment media, Sandy Kaye was a natural to interview all the musicians we know and love across three continents.

In this episode, Sandy has memories, anecdotes, and shares so much about so many music artists.  When I listen to her podcast (which I do now, often!) I’ll think “I don’t know that musician…” and then “Oh, wait a minute, I love that song!”

Today she tells us:

  • which interviews were coups for her
  • her favourites
  • who leaves her star struck
  • all the good gossip – ok, there’s none.

If you have even a shred of music enjoyment from those earlier decades, you’ll love this interview!

Listen below.


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About the guest: Sandy Kaye

Sandy Kaye has a long and varied history in TV and Radio journalism. She was Australia’s first female radio newsreader in Sydney, has worked as an on-air reporter and host for countless TV news, current affairs and entertainment shows and has presented and produced her own radio show for several years.

Her latest passion project – A Breath of Fresh Air – was born during the pandemic. Sandy was asked if she could extend her weekly live segments into an hourly program and she decided to give it a go. Since it hit the airwaves, the show has developed into a must listen mix of music, warm interviews and entertainment that audiences just love.

Listeners are often surprised to hear an informal chat with one of the popular musical legends of their youth. Big name stars and celebrities across the world feature as regular guests on A Breath of Fresh Air which celebrates the music and the musicians of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that Sandy, and hopefully you, are passionate about.


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