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The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 237


Why Las Vegas is a Great Retirement Town with Tina Dixon-Smith

Tina Dixon-Smith has lived in a number of US cities and chooses to call Las Vegas home, promoting Nevada in general and Las Vegas in particular. She has a number of convincing reasons why it makes sense! Today she discusses:

  • The allure of Las Vegas for her
  • Non-nationals buying in Las Vegas
  • Income and property taxes and insurance costs
  • The 10-year visa available to non-nationals
  • Things to do, places to see
  • Purchase options with some ball-park numbers

Stay tuned to hear about Fil-A-Seat and… if you have grandchildren, how close Disneyland is!

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About the guest: Tina Dixon-Smith

Tina Dixon-Smith is highly regarded as a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer with over 30 years of experience helping buyers and homeowners finance their properties.

Her passions include real estate, reading, traveling, live theatre, music and meeting people from all over.

For her every day is a 10/10.

Tina Dixon-Smith’s website is coming soon!

Find Tina on:


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