The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 228

Wendy Battles

Cybersecurity Awareness with Wendy Battles

Wendy Battles is on the cybersecurity team at Yale University so she trains and explains to the security aware and the security uninitiated.

In this episode, Wendy discusses:

  • Passwords and password managers
  • Phishing emails
  • Scam phone calls
  • How to check for data breaches that might affect you
  • Imitation websites

Her Bee Cyber Fit Podcast discusses more of what we discussed today, the link is in the show notes.

Stay tuned to the end when Wendy tells us about her alter ego at Reinvention Rebels.

Listen below.

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About the guest: Wendy Battles

Cybersecurity Awareness expert at Yale University by day, Wendy Battles pursues her passion for celebrating, illuminating and elevating midlife and older women, by early morning and night.

As the host of the Reinvention Rebels podcast, Wendy interviews brave and unapologetic women, 50-90 years young, who have reinvented themselves later in life to see new possibilities. From traveling solo around the world with a carry-on bag at 60, to running in global marathons at 71, to launching a modeling career at 72, these women are boldly making their dreams a priority and reality. Wendy shines a light on the notion that we can reinvent ourselves at any age or any stage and is helping to disrupt limiting beliefs about the value of aging women in our society.

Wendy believes we reinvent from the inside out – that all the answers we need are already within us. It’s her job to help tease them out. She skillfully encourages her guests to open up and share their reinvention paths so we can all gain a better understanding for what that looks like. And she coaches women ready to embark on the Reinvention Rebels journey through her 8-part audio program, Midlife Reinvention from the Inside Out: 8 Essentials to Greenlight Your Life.

At 59, Wendy is a Reinvention Rebel herself, having reinvented herself many times during her life including as a management consultant, voice actor, and health coach. Her most recent reinvention as a podcast host is by far her most rewarding. Along her journey of greater self-awareness, she’s learned the art of living on purpose and embracing life with more joy, ease, and trust.

Ready to explore what reinvention might look like for you? You can learn more at Sign up to receive Wendy’s free audio, 5 Questions to Spark Your Curiosity and Inspire Your Reinvention Rebel Journey.

Wendy Battles’s cybersecurity podcast: Bee Cyber Fit
Wendy’s “other” podcast: Reinvention Rebels
Find Wendy on Social Media:

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