The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 223


Family and Friend Estrangement with Wendy Green - Bonus Discussion: Boomer Podcasts!

Wendy Green is both a Boomer podcaster and a coach to help people find their vision for the next chapter of life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Estrangement from siblings
  • Estrangement from children
  • Estrangement from friends

Interesting topics as both of us have estrangement in our lives… and there’s a good chance you might too.

I mentioned Wendy’s a Boomer podcaster too.  A bonus discussion is what an amazing experience podcasting is for both of us; how our boomer cohort is very much still on the outside looking in… and how we want you to help us spread the word what a great companion podcasts are, whether you’re a listener or a host.  The subject matter is as varied as the hosts and all the listeners – there really is something for everyone.!

Listen below.


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About the guest: Wendy Green

Wendy Green is host of the inspiring live show & podcast. “Hey, Boomer!” serving an important inspirational role for people in the Boomer generation. We are looking at ways to live meaningful, fulfilling lives. We are addressing some of the challenges we face as we get older and turning them into opportunities for learning.

Graduating from University of NC at Asheville. with a degree in Computer Science, Wendy entered the computer field as a programmer and moved into customer support at Digital Equipment Corp. It was at Digital that she built and grew the US Expertise Center. After moving to Maryland, she earned a Certificate from Georgetown Univ. in Change Management. In 2005 she started a KidzArt business, an after-school enrichment program and was recognized as the Franchisee of the Year in 2009. In 2013 she trained for and was certified as a Life Coach. 

Wendy served as President of the Reedy River Rotary Club in Greenville, SC for 2 years. Along with all of these diverse business successes, Wendy has raised two successful children, and is a grandparent to 4 outstanding and lovable grandchildren.

Besides the podcast, Wendy offers a 6-week “What’s Next” group coaching program to help people find their vision for the next chapter of life. She also hosts a monthly, virtual Boomer Banter to build community and have lively, intriguing discussions.

Wendy’s podcast:  The Hey, Boomer! Show
Find Wendy on Social Media:



    1. Wendy Green

      Thanks, Agnes, for having me as a guest. Enjoyed it.

      • Agnes

        Subject was so important, Wendy.
        And let’s get more Boomers tuning in!


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