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"The Presence Process"
As a dedicated dog walker (my own only, sorry!) who quickly realized she has her own agenda and is not interested in me, I decided to fill the time connecting with recordings and podcasts I don't take the time for at home.
On this morning's walk I was listening to a synopsis of Michael Brown's The Presence Process. It was a very interesting story of his journey to connecting with his "present" experience.
One phrase really resonated with me as we all journey this life looking for and bombarded with "The Way". "...risk succumbing to the contradiction of developing Outer Reliance in the name of Inner Development."
"Parts Unknown"
Still watching Anthony Bourdain and there's something that has become really obvious.
The number of cultures, groups, tribes, homes... where people use their hands to both prepare food and eat the food.
In my narrow world we have become so germaphobic that people use gloves if the food needs to be handled, utensils whenever possible, and wash our hands incessantly.
Now I'm all for food outlet folks continuing to maintain a high level of cleanliness, especially when they're also handling money - I think that trust boat has long since sailed - but within homes and extended families, there is something 'real' about returning to the 'naturalness' of a hands-on approach to our food.
Last thought is that we still travel and eat from street vendors and corner cafes... and trust them with our food prep.
Actually, No One Cares
When was the last time you walked up the street and smirked at someone's shirt or hair colour?
When was the last time you thought about someone's career choice and rolled your eyes.
When was the last time you entered a small business and thought "What an idiot" about the owner?
I am going to suggest it's been a long, long while.
Yet... how many times do you resist making a change to your own situation, your own style, avoid chasing a dream... because of what you THINK other people are going to think or say.
You know, everyone else is equally self-absorbed and really doesn't care what you take on.
Quit assuming the world is thinking about only you and do that thing you really want to do.
Then ignore the nay-sayers and embrace the cheerers!
Get Out Of Your Own Head
Watching Anthony Bourdain this evening on Netflix...
A quick explanantion here is that I'm a documentary junkie... in a selective subject subset.
Of an international and/or educational matter, I'm often in. Cooking, "reality" show - meh! For this reason, Anthony Bourdain was of no interest, especially, with all due respect, after his suicide and the ensuing publicity.
Running out of ideas on Netflix this evening, I took the leap, watching Anthony Bourdain on his "Parts Unknown" series.
Lesson learned! It's interesting, people oriented, and international if not politically correct.
So interesting and definitely a recommendation.
"Limiting Beliefs"
I listen to a quite a few mindset gurus - there's a lot to learn and a lot of it is truly valid.
I had this thought recently, however, that while one's "limiting beliefs" are a valid explanantion why we aren't reaching our own true potential...
is there any chance that it has become a crutch?
Are we spending so much time identifying and deliberating over our limiting beliefs that we are not getting on with "it"?
Are we saying "Oh, I have a limiting belief around [subject] and that's why I can't move on or realize my true potential"... it has now become justification, not the solution-provoking push it should be.
Don't wallow in your "identity"!!!