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Tina Davidson on Secrets and Creativity

Tina Davidson has a very unusual childhood story… which she didn’t learn the truth of until she was a young adult.  As an adult she became a highly regarded pianist and composer.

Tina discusses her road to success with no female role models and her experience now as the subject of dissertations by students who probably do see her as their role model.  She is also so generous in expecting her listeners to claim the music as their own as they listen to it, and other musicians to consider themselves collaborators as they express her music their way.

Both travel and secrets were a large part of her childhood… Tina shares the story of the secrets quite candidly.  She also talks about the effect of having her daughter on the music, and the secrets from her past, and life as a single parent. 

As for the secrets… “what a tangled web we weave…”

However, stay tuned for the “gift of love”.

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About the guest: Tina Davidson

Tina Davidson is highly regarded American composer who creates music that stands out for its emotional depth and lyrical dignity. Lauded for her authentic voice, the New York Times praised her “vivid ear for harmony and colors.” In 2023, Let Your Heart Be Broken, Life and Music of a Classical Composer, was published by Boyle & Dalton. The book details a journey as a composer, juxtaposing memories, journal entries, notes on compositions in progress, and insights into the life of an artist – and a mother – at work. “Let Your Heart Be Broken is a consummate read in its entirety, exploring with uncommon sensitivity and poetic insight the fundamentals of love, forgiveness, creativity, and what it takes to emerge from the inner darkness into a vast vista of light, rooted in the life-tested truth that “we are, in the end, a measure of the love we leave behind.” – Maria Popova, The Marginalian article

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Tina’s Memoir:  Let Your Heart Be Broken – Life and Music from a Classical Composer


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