Hilary Truong on The Mother/Daughter Relationship

Hilary Truong is a therapist who specializes in the Mother–Daughter Relationship.  You may not want to hear all of what she says but perhaps that’s a control issue (my words, not hers) – no one ever suggested parenting was easy and there is no “one-size-fits-all” method for the generations to figure it out.

At any age, we need to remember that the mother is the mother and her daughter is the daughter and not allow those lines to blur.  If you’re an older woman trying to heal a lifetime with a mother who wasn’t perhaps who you wanted or needed her to be, it is, as in so many relationships, about the story… often a story that goes back generations.

Hilary also has insights into the over-protective (overbearing?) father.

Mothers, did you know listening is a huge part of the equation?

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About the guest: Hilary Truong

Hilary Truong, a mother-daughter relationship expert and former therapist for teen girls, is a leading voice on keeping mothers and daughters in relationship through the teen years. She is on a mission to rewrite the narrative for mothers and daughters and shares her passion by speaking, coaching mothers, as well as mothers and daughters and hosting immersive retreats to celebrate the mother-daughter relationship.

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