Paula Conroy - Connect More Deeply to Your Authentic Essence

Today’s conversation starts with discussion of the maiden years, the mother years, the crone years.

Paula’s description of her life in the corporate arena might sound exciting but, as she matured, she started to recognize what she calls the “aridity” of her seemingly successful life. 

An interesting discussion of masculine attributes and feminine attributes at a cultural/corporate level.  Also, the lack of rites of passage in western culture.  How do we take responsibility for our part in all of it?  How do we revisit rites of passage and make them part of our life, our community again?

You might find Paula’s Rose, Thorn, Banana Peel and Seed ritual useful. How often do you engage in circle discussion, allowing each person to hold space?

Embrace your “crone” years!

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About the guest: Paula Conroy

Paula Conroy is the Founder and Heart of the Frequency. Paula is a passionate advocate of the positive evolution of humanity and the practise of living in alignment with the Frequency of Consciousness and Love. Her zone of genius is to navigate her way to the heart of the people she meets with kindness, curiosity, intelligence and awareness. She is an extraordinary builder of community and cultivates welcoming and warm spaces where people feel safe to relax and allow themselves to be heard and seen. Paula is a skilled facilitator and transformational circle holder, and her passion lies in being at the coalface of people’s deep transformation within themselves.

Paula hears the call for women to find their unfiltered essence, their power and their authenticity, to arrive in a place where they can live out their passion and purpose with clarity and joy. Her call is to assist women to step into their Mature Feminine, to be of great service to a world so desperately in need. Her transformation circle journeys are run online via Zoom, making it accessible to people all over the world. 

There is a collective Vision – Rites of Passage becomes mainstream again, and supports communities and individuals to transition through the inevitable stages and phases of their lives, with more grace and ease, less trauma, and ultimately to remember how to be healthy community with one another.

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