Alara Sage - The Ecstatic Life Mentor

A woman’s power.  That deep-rooted, deeply felt power that comes from the feminine.  Wisdom, the magnitude each woman has, inexhaustible energy.

Alara Sage calls herself the ecstatic life mentor after a spontaneous kundalini awakening.  She talks about orgasm in a sexual way, but also in a non-sexual, more sensual way… that life is meant to be highly pleasurable.

An interesting discussion about being in the present moment – our minds may not be but our bodies always are. An embodied woman is present in the moment and understands her own personal power.

Shame. Intuition. Self-worth. The Divine. The Creative. Submission vs Surrender. Playfulness. Such great topics for conversation… with no shortage of laughter.

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About the guest: Alara Sage

Alara Sage is here to reignite the power of the woman.  This isn’t feminism… this is the rethinking and reframing of what it means to be a woman.  It  is juicy, orgasmic, and absolutely powerful.
She works with female leaders, visionaries and creatives who are highly successful but feel unfulfilled in life and disconnected from their true radiance.

She helps them unlock their power, orgasm, and authenticity for a deeply fulfilling and nourishing life…without sacrifice.

Alara is an intuitively gifted mentor, teacher, and healer who coaches provocatively and soulfully.  She has over 15 years of experience helping others reignite and transform their own lives.  Most importantly, she has walked the walk.

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