Alexis Burnett on Cannabis Science (replay)

Last week I spoke with Terri Yuzon, CEO and founder of Hemplily.  Hemplily provides natural, cannabis-based alternatives for many issues that women experience: hot flashes, night sweats, stress, sleep… to name a few.

Last year I spoke with an herb and cannabis farmer from Ontario and he was SO knowledgeable about the bio-chemistry of cannabis and the endo-cannabinoid system within our bodies, that I decided to pull excerpts from my conversation with Alexis and follow last week’s conversation with his information.

Alexis and I spoke for two hours and I have edited that down to 30 minutes of information… I wanted only to give you the basic science behind cannabis.  I DO encourage you to listen to both episodes of my conversation with Alexis last year to hear the full context of our conversation – cannabis, growing cannabis, different cultivars…and also to learn more about other herbs and natural remedies.

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About the guest: Alexis Burnett

Alexis Burnett is a naturalist, tracker, herbalist and nature connection mentor who lives on traditional land of the Three Fires Confederacy, home of the Anishinabek Nation also called Grey County, Ontario Canada.  He lives with his wife and 2 kids on Rebel Roots Herb Farm ( where they grow, sell and ethically wildcraft more than 50 medicinal plants using organic and regenerative farming practices to produce high quality herbs and herbal medicines.  Their farm is also home to Earth Tracks Outdoor School ( which specializes in connecting people to nature and forming a deep relationship with the earth.   Earth Tracks courses and apprenticeship programs include learning how to foraging for edible and medicinal plants, herbalism, naturalist training, wildlife tracking, bird language, bush craft skills and nature connection programming for children and adults.

After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Alexis founded OrganiGrow Canada (   OrganiGrow Canada focuses on providing high-quality cannabis education from a place of true experience.   They specialize in teaching people how to grow cannabis using beyond organic and regenerative methods from seed to harvest and how to make high quality herbal medicine using this master plant.  OrganiGrow Canada and Rebel Roots Herb Farm is a DEM Pure certified farm and is committed to caretaking the land and building healthy communities both in the natural and human world.



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