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Dana Diaz on Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissism… do you know it has both physical and mental effects on people?  Narcissists have an over-inflated ego they need to feed… at any cost.

Dana Diaz has been the victim of narcissists and the manipulation that goes with that. She’s a smart woman with a good education and yet she still fell victim and married one. In this episode, she describes a typical narcissist and is very candid about the personal trauma is caused her.

Dana says she saw the signs but managed to excuse them as momentary lapses or as personal short-comings… haven’t many of us done that.

Interesting advice… it’s not about what you’re feeling about them… listen to what you’re feeling inside yourself.  “If something feels off, it probably is.”

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About the guest: Dana Diaz

Dana S. Diaz is a wife, mother, and author of the best-selling book GASPING FOR AIR: THE STRANGLEHOLD OF NARCISSISTIC ABUSE. Dana has had life-long experience with narcissistic abuse, beginning in childhood. Her education in journalism and psychology at DePaul University in Chicago gave her the ability to accurately verbalize and express how narcissistic abuse creates confusion and conflict within victims, so that she can help other victims know they are not alone and better understand their own circumstances. Today, Dana is a proud voice for fellow victims who are unable, afraid, or ashamed to share their experiences. She strives to create awareness and understanding to ensure victims are given the support they need to first understand their situation and then begin the healing process. Her first book, chronicling her own abusive marriage that lasted nearly three decades, started as a journal that she hid under the couch cushion in the basement. Dana lives with her husband in Illinois and is in the process of publishing the prequel and sequel to GASPING FOR AIR.

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