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Color Guru Gila Melamed Becomes a Nomad

Gila Melamed is an acquaintance of an acquaintance of mine. I knew Miriam had travelled North America in a camperized van for six months last year and when she told me she was hosting a woman who was travelling North America in a camperized car for a year… I was intrigued. A Mazda CX-5 is a nice car… but to live in it? By choice?  I do ask some practical questions.

Gila seems to be a colourful character by any standards so her adventures and stories are probably not a surprise… hopefully they will be an inspiration.  She also explains how women nomads connect with each other.

So much growth for Gila as she embraces this lifestyle. Many of you will identify with her story and her experiences and her evolution. Could you be next?

** In my Intro, I mention that Gila had won the Houzz Award for 2019-2022… now we can add 2023 to that!

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About the guest: Gila Melamed

Gila Melamed is a Home and color designer and founder of Gila-home design & Color Guru. Color and Design are her passions. As a color expert with over 25 years of experience, she can help create the perfect color palette for your home or office that beautifully reflects your personal style. Her work has earned her Houzz’s “2019-2023” Best in Customer Service. When she isn’t exploring colors, she spends time outdoors hiking, kayaking, biking, and traveling.

A recent video from Gila explains her “carpartment”.

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