The Geeky Grandma in Action!

Jill McCarthy IS The Geeky Grandma with an Encouraging Nudge

Tech came easy to Jill McCarthy, aka The Geeky Grandma. Since her first computer arrived she has been learning and creating and teaching, and over the years it has led to the growth of a real community.

She combined her affection for penpal letter writing into e-pals where matched women would email each other.  That grew into a women’s group, retreats, and her community.

Jill’s podcast is The Geeky Grandma with An Encouraging Nudge.  That name has a story behind it and Jill shares it.  She also encourages us to go for our dreams… even if they need to be scaled back a bit at this age.

Jill’s catch-phrase is “The desires of the heart” and she truly is all heart. Meeting with women who are preparing for retirement or are newly retired, she slows the clock to inquire about interests from another time… and help them get to a next place.

Interested in Jill’s retreats?  She has one coming up!

So many nuggets in this episode.

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About the guest: Jill McCarthy

Jill has a passion for encouraging women. She uses a mixture of creativity, wisdom, her educational background, and her 50+ years of personal development to help women find and go for their heart’s desires. She started writing and leading women’s retreats in 1997 while she was still teaching, and now that she has retired she has started an online presence with a Women’s Empowerment Facebook Group and a podcast called, The Geeky Grandma with an Encouraging Nudge. She uses a mix of NLP with kinesthetic and a spiritual mix to help heal deep emotional wounds free women to move towards their dreams.

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Jill’s Upcoming Event:  The 15th Annual Women’s Retreat

The Path & The Dream  –  May 19 – 20, 2023

Location: Port Byron, NY and virtual

Contact Jill for details:

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Jill’s podcast:  The Geeky Grandma with an Encouraging Nudge

Jill McCarthy on Social Media:



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