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Liz Deacle: Adventurer Mum to Digital Entrepreneur

Liz Deacle and I have a few things in common… which resulted in lots of laughs, right from the get-go.

Many people keep the 9-5 even though they aren’t happy because of the retirement plan.  Liz and her husband decided to worry about retirement “later”, they cashed in and took their two teenagers on a year-long global adventure.

Liz is a fabulous story teller, with a non-stop sense of humour… oh, and then there’s the enticement of how she and her husband figured out how to be “digital nomads” – that means, now that the children are grown, they earn enough money from their online endeavours to keep travelling and doing life their way.

Stay tuned to the end for the New Zealand wine recommendations!!

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About the guest: Liz Deacle

Liz Deacle: British expat, homeschooling mom turned world traveler. With a backpack and a budget of just $70 a day, she and her family explored the globe for a year. Inspired by their adventures, when they returned home, Liz and her husband made it their mission to ditch the 9-5 and become location independent. Four years later that dream is a reality. Liz now runs a popular travel blog and helps others move to New Zealand through her membership site. The YouTube channel, “It’s a Drama,” which she hosts with her husband has over a million views, and her comedy podcast is a hit with almost 100,000 downloads. Liz’s first book, The Travel Bog Diaries, is a hilarious and honest take on traveling with her family. When she’s not sharing her stories, you can find her sipping wine in her New Zealand garden and celebrating imperfection.

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