Tamara Zoner on Practicing Happiness

Do you take responsibility for your own happiness?  It is in your hands… and you have to cultivate it.

Life happens to all of us.  If it seems overwhelming, you can still choose how you respond… even if your response is choosing to binge Netflix for a period of time – it’s a conscious choice.

Finding positives is how we start to retrain our neurology.  So in the midst of “the mess”, are you healthy? Do you have a home? Clean water out of the tap?

If you are surrounded by grumps and negative people, find joy elsewhere – YouTube, Meet-ups, other groups, personal accomplishments.

I seem to throw a lot of negatives at Tamara but her solutions never fail.  Again, life happens and it isn’t always happy, but we accept life and find “an inner state of peace and well-being”.

“Practice” happiness.  Very powerful.

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About the guest: Tamara Zoner

Tamara is a lover of life, happily single mother of 3, world traveler, and karaoke enthusiast. An avid student of personal development and spirituality, she found her life’s purpose through the Passion Test – showing others how to live authentically from the heart and create a life they truly love.

Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her deepest desire is to help you open your heart and mind to your ideal life and to empower you to be your own leader. Her authentic love and acceptance of all people shines through her private sessions, speaking engagements, and her workshops – which are an experience not to be missed!

Tamara Zoner on Social Media:

Tamara’s podcast: Spirit Cafe Podcast



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