The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 205

Alison Smith

Amanda Laden: DON'T be Dismissed by the Medical System

Amanda Laden’s medical issues went undiagnosed… or misdiagnosed for decades.  Ridiculously debilitating periods, several miscarriages… until the right doctor happened to be in attendance and recognized all the signs.

As Boomer Women, we are past our baby-making years but this might be vital info for our daughters or granddaughters. We are, however, not past the age of being misdiagnosed, even ignored, as medical patients.

Both Amanda and I are privileged, educated white women. Health equity is a subject (read passion) that has grown out of Amanda’s personal experiences. Women of colour, gender-non-conforming people are at way higher risk of misdiagnosis or being ignored.

We do get a little political – no apologies.

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About the guest: Amanda Laden

Amanda Laden is the Founder and CEO of Period to Pause, the leading platform for elevating people’s voices in their own health, healthcare treatment, and well-being. Amanda started Period to Pause equip people to advocate for their needs, to change a system that was not set up to support womxn and gender non-conforming people, and to help people to rise, vocalize, and mobilize to change the healthcare system. She is also a growth strategist and works with organizations to create strategies to support diverse populations and create cultures of inclusion and belonging.

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