The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 218

Alison Smith

Nicole Christina: Eating Disorders in Mid-Life

Social and media pressures haunt us from our early years all the way through to our crone years.  Even we, the wise women, are not immune.

I was stunned to learn that, recently, the number of eating disorders in mid-life women has increased dramatically.

In this episode I ask Nicole:

  • Why eating disorders are increasing in mid-life women.
  • What defines an eating disorder.
  • Is there ever a time we might consider pharmaceutical help for weight management.
  • The efficacy of apps and tools (think FitBit or Apple watch).
  • Bonus topic: how we talk to our grandchildren.

and stay tuned to Nicole’s story about her Zestful Aging including hunting pythons!!

Listen below.


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About the guest: Nicole Christina

Nicole Christina is the host of Zestful Aging Podcast, which has won multiple awards and is heard in 106 countries. She’s also a psychotherapist of 32 years with a specialty in eating disorders. She’s on a mission to educate people about eating disorders, which are on the rise, especially in later life.


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