The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 219


Scherrie Prince: Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Dying.  We’re all going to do it, that‘s a given… but what happens to your property, your heirs, your business after you take your last breath?

Scherrie answers:

  • What exactly is estate planning?
  • What are assets?
  • What are they basic legal forms everyone should have, in terms of estate planning?
  • Is planning with a small ,mom and pop business different from a large company with many employees?
  • What are considerations for couples and families in asset planning and asset protection?

Listen below.


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About the guest: Scherrie Prince

Scherrie L. Prince is an attorney and asset protection coach who teaches entrepreneurs how to merge their business plan with their estate plan to create a moat around their assets.  For over a decade she has taught, led, and counseled entrepreneurs at every phase of their business.  Scherrie has the keen ability to deliver uncommonly original and useful tools in a dynamic and engaging way.  She brings to your audience experience in asset protection, estate planning, and business planning.

Scherrie’s Podcast: Play Big Faster
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