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Thecia Ellis is The Homesteading Grandma

Thecia Ellis is no stranger to hard work.  Homesteading was still a bit of a challenge and a large learning curve but has become her most enjoyed time of life.  You’ll learn more than a few things during this conversation, and you might cringe a wee bit – it’s life on a working farm! – but you’ll appreciate the healing aspects of life on the land.

Hot bees… hurricanes… tick-caused allergies… accidents… it’s not for the faint-hearted but Thecia certainly continues to see the bright side.

And then you’ll learn about ‘prepping’ and copy-canning.

If homesteading wasn’t enough, Thecia also has quite an online presence… for a reason.  Farm lessons.  Life lessons.  I so enjoyed my conversation with Thecia.  She is an inspiration!

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About the guest: Thecia Ellis

Thecia Ellis is a homesteading grandma in NE Oklahoma. She has lived a rich life, with lots of adventures and heartaches.  She shares her home with her husband and teen granddaughter.  As Thecia ages and overcomes occasional setbacks and illnesses, she has decided that she needed to be the best example possible for her granddaughter.  Therefore, she has made it a point to keep as fit as her body will allow, participate in life as much as possible and show her granddaughter that age shouldn’t stop someone from living the best life possible. With God’s guidance, Thecia lives the best life she can. She also makes it a point of encouraging people of all ages to LIVE until they die at the end of most of her videos and podcasts.

Thecia Ellis on Social Media:

Thecia’s podcast:  This Grandma’s Life

Thecia mentioned Jack Spirko and The Survival Podcast.




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