Tonia Griffin on Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities. We need to get past the concept of them being for old people!  Good meals cooked for you, housekeeping done for you, entertainment and social events planned for you… but you come and go as you please… sounds like an ideal lifestyle to me!

Tonia Griffin is a marketer for a senior living complex in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and in the episode, she explains the difference between “Independent Living” and “Assisted Living” and the perks of the lifestyle.  At Agnes’ invitation, Tonia also sells Baton Rouge – it is an over 2000 mile relocate.  If she doesn’t convince you to relocate you will certainly want to put Baton Rouge on your holiday destination list!!

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About the guest: Tonia Griffin

Get ready to meet Tonia Griffin, a dynamic and engaging marketer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing a quality life for seniors. Tonia has a unique perspective and a talent for storytelling, which has earned her a fan base amongst seniors within the community. She is a go-to person for her peers, providing advice on marketing as well as how to take care of aging parents. With her ability to deliver compelling content, Tonia always keeps listeners coming back for more, whether discussing the latest industry trends or delving into thought-provoking discussions.

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