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The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 236


Discovering Self Via a Nomadic Life with Gila Melamed

Gila Melamed is my first real follow-up conversation.  We chatted last Summer about a road trip she was taking in a camperized car – her carpartment – and I knew at that time she was returning home to “up-size” – to a mini van.

Now, many months into Phase 2, Gila tells us about:

  • her journey of self-discovery and healing. (Gila’s explanation makes so much sense and is, perhaps, food for thought for many of us.)
  • as with other nomads, there were clues from childhood that this lifestyle would be what fed her soul
  • the process of converting a mini-van to permanent accommodation
  • tips about listening to your gut, with a discussion about fear
  • learning from other like-minded, more experienced women
  • her growth in so many facets of her life

Gila is so candid about every facet of her journey, both physical and spiritual… and how that journey helps her to be the person she wants to be and raises her up to be the person she is.

Listen below.


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About the guest: Gila Melamed

Gila Melamed is a Home and Color Designer and founder of Gila – Home Design & Color Guru. Color and Design are her passions. As a color expert with over 25 years of experience, she can help create the perfect color palette for your home or office that beautifully reflects your personal style. Her work has earned her Houzz’s “2019-2024” Best in Customer Service. 

For the last almost-two years, Gila has embraced a nomadic lifestyle, growing and becoming comfortable with her “self”, finally writing a book about that journey.


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Gila Melamed
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